We are currently working on finishing the quickstart for our first complete roleplaying game: Strange Gods. A few weeks ago and due to celebrating Free RPG Day we decided to publish a teaser, to give you a taste of what is to come regarding our Gnostic horror game.

Though we are a small publishing “company” that has no assets other than our passion for roleplaying tabletop games, we aim to reach as many people as possible so everyone can enjoy our games if they like them. That’s why we translated the Strange Gods teaser into English and are making it available to all the English-speaking public.

You can download the English teaser for free following this link.



Welcome to Pronoia Works in English.

This is a project that began in Spanish some years ago, and hopefully will continue into the future. As you can see at the “Introduction” section, the aim of this blog is to present to you complete settings, to be used in whatever you want: writing, role playing games, illustration and art… if you like them, just use them. They are all released under a Attribution, Non Commercial, Share Alike, Creative Commons License.

Currently, the Spanish version has three settings: the gnostic horror world of Strange Gods, the military science fiction universe of Status Belli, and the near-future horror fantasy of Sitra Achra; two more are in progress. Today I give you the full English version of Strange Gods, and hopefully in the coming months the other three will come around.

What is Strange Gods?

Strange Gods is an eldritch world, a universe of rocky islands surrounded by a stormy ocean that mingles with the sky. People on these islands are tormented with nightmares of their soul’s time at the Iron Prisons deep into the sea, where they are tortured and punished for their sins in between reincarnations. When they are awake, they must endure the howling winds that come from the sea, carrying madness and mutation. So, to try to escape the harsh rule of the Archons, the Strange Gods that rule this hellish world, they throw themselves into the embrace of a variety of sects and cults that promise to end their suffering, or at least to keep it for getting even worse. Their methods, however, are not for the squeamish.

I hope you like it.